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Eleven is a stylish little Stranger Things based Sokoban-esque puzzle game where you guide Eleven around the Upside-Down dimension as she collects Eggos and battle Demo-dogs while making her way to the exit.

In Eleven you take control of the titular character as she makes her way through a grid based version of the Upside-Down. Your aim in each level is to reach the exit. You can move in any direction, but won’t stop until you hit a wall, some goo or a Demo-dog. You only have a limited amount of moves to make it to the exit, but you can earn extra moves by collecting Eggos.

It’s a fun little puzzler with great Stranger Things themed pixel art and challenging puzzles (particularly when the Demo-dogs are introduced). A fun little accompaniment to the new season of Stranger Things!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Android

Download Eleven Here

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