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Empty Bottle game download

Empty Bottle is a very odd and surprisingly dark little puzzle platforming adventure game in which all the characters are bottles that contain different colored fluids.

In this land all the inhabitants are bottles that are filled with different colored fluids that make them act differently.  You befriend, interact or revitalize these bottles by transferring fluids with them.  There are other uses for your fluids too – such as using them to water a plant, but you have to be careful not to run out of water as an empty bottle is a dead bottle (you’ll probably run out of fluid quite often, but thankfully you just restart in the same area without losing any progress).

Empty Bottle manages to be charming, seedy and a little bit gross simultaneously, as it weaves a tale of love, loss, prostitution, kidnapping and fluid transfer. It’s an odd little game that’s much darker than the adorable visuals would have you believe.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, E – Interact, F- Transfer Fluids

Available On:  Windows

Download Empty Bottle Here

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