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Enchanter is a very tough pixel art spellcasting combat game in which you carry out all of your actions and cast your spells by typing them with your keyboard.

In Enchanter you play a powerful enchanter who attempts to defeat a powerful demon named Ifrit and a mysterious entity known as Qareen. All of your actions, including navigating menu screens, are carried out by typing out the commands and pressing enter. So for instance if you’d like to upgrade your fireball spell in the menu screen, you’d type ‘fireball’ and then ’upgrade’.

Navigating the menus is the easy part, when you enter into the heat of battle that game really starts to test your typing skills. Ifrit and Quareen both have a wide variety of dangerous attacks that you’ll need to figure out how to dodge, while you have three main spells at your disposal – fireball, stun and health. It would be too easy to allow you to type ‘fireball’, ‘stun’ and ‘health’ to cast the spells though – instead you have to type out randomly selected synonyms that change each time you cast them.

It’s a very tough game that’ll really test your typing skills as you dodge attacks and unleash your own spells on those powerful demons. A super challenging RPG combat game where spelling is an integral part of spellcasting!

Controls: Keyboard – Type!

Available On: Windows

Download Enchanter Here

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