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the endless express download

Endless Express is a marvellous first person adventure in which you catch trains, explore strange places, discover fun easter eggs and meet quirky characters as you attempt to find your way back home.

Endless Express is all about the joy of discovery – a beautiful and magical adventure full of whimsical characters and oddity. Even the menu screen is a fun place to explore and hides it’s own secrets (try adjusting the FOV slider).

Your goal in Endless Express is to make your way home. You’ve missed your stop and must catch the correct sequence of trains to make your way back. You do this by using the timetables that are on display at each station and your watch – different trains arrive at different times so you need to plan a little. But to discover all this magical game has to offer it’s worth taking a few detours – there’s no big rush and there are plenty of sights to see on your way home.

Endless Express if a joyful, enchanting and magical experience we can’t recommend highly enough. You really won’t regret climbing aboard this magical mystery train!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Endless express Here

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