Enigma – Downloadable Game

Enigma is an intense little narrative-driven puzzle game where you use an Enigma Machine to decipher messages while down a dunker in WWII.

In Enigma you are a German soldier who is tasked with deciphering messages from command via your Enigma Machine. Each message arrives via a pneumatic tube and when you take it out it looks like a mixture of random letters. You then need to experiment with the three dials on the Enigma Machine to decipher it into something that makes sense. Once you crack it, you then send it off to your superior officer. However, it’s not long until the messages start to change…

It could do with increasing the size of the text considerably, but it’s a great little game with a tense atmosphere and a cleverly delivered story. An eerie code cracking adventure that would be perfect for expanding on into something larger.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Enigma Here

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