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ennuigi game

Ennuigi is a fun little oddity in which a depressed and reflective, chain-smoking Luigi, re-visits some of his old stomping grounds and ruminates about his life and the mistakes he and his brother made.

Ennuigi may be set i the Mario universe, but it’s much unlike any Mario game you’ll ever of come across before. In the game you walk left and right to explore the decaying Mushroom Kingdom, push up to ponder some of life big questions and push down to smoke your cigarette. As you explore the blood splattered and broken kingdom that was once so full of life Luigi looks back on his life and wonders what mistakes he and his brother have made.

It’s a wonderfully existential experience that questions what the original Super Mario Bros game was really all about. The writing throughout is superb and really gives out a new outlook on one of gamings most revered franchises and the relationship between Mario and his also-ran brother. Maybe Mario isn’t the hero he thinks he is afterall…

Controls: Left/Right – Walk, Up – Ruminate, Down – Smoke

Available On: All Browsers

Play Ennuigi Here

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