Enter the Moshpit – Downloadable Game

Enter the Moshpit is a fun little old school pixel art point and click adventure where you try to sneak into the a gig by the most hardcore gutterpunk band in Tuscany.

In Enter the Moshpit you follow the adventure of a punk who’s trying to sneak into a gig so he can mosh to his favorite band. The band is playing, the crowd is cheering, the only problem is that you don’t have a ticket. You do have a bottle of beer and your wits around you though, so maybe you’ll be able to figure out a way in…

The gameplay, pixel art animation and humor in Enter the Moshpit is fondly reminiscent of the classic Lucasarts point and click adventure. It even has a classic SCUMM style point and click interface and some surprisingly tricky old school puzzle design (though probably nothing quite as obtuse as a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle). It’s a very polished and witty retro point and click adventure that Threepwood prould have been proud of.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Enter the Moshpit Here

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