Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain – Downloadable Game

Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain is a beautiful and bizarre musical shoot ‘em up adventure where a trans-dimensional lifeform goes on an epic journey through the culture of humankind.

In Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain you follow the adventure of a trans-dimensional lifeform that gets lost on Earth and is overwhelmed by its own permanently changing reality. It then discovers a five dimensional shooter that changes everything, and soon embarks on an epic shoot ‘em up adventure packed full of humanity’s culture.

Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain plays out via nine very differently themed stages that each has their own song and gameplay style. One minute you’ll be playing a side-scrolling version of Space Invaders and the next you’ll be shooting wireframe models in a Rez-esque into-the-screen shooter.

Taking around 40 minutes to play through, it’s all very weird, but in a good way. You never know what to expect next and there are some mesmerizing sights as you blast your way through its bizarre world. The animation is super and it all syncs up to the music beautifully, making for an audio visual experience that you won’t forget.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows and Mac

Download Enter the Void to the Holy Mountain Here

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