Entire Tribes Back Catalogue – Downloadable Games

Tribes Vengeance

The entire Tribes back catalogue is now free to download!  Over a decades worth of fist person Cybrid shooting is now free to download and play via the official Tribes Universe site.

There are six full games in total – Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2, Starsiege: Tribes, Tribes 2, Tribes: Aerial Assault and Tribes Vengeance (as well as the latest iteration – Tribes Ascend, which is free to play).  It’s a great gesture by Hi-Rez Studios, allowing fans to relive some classic first person shooters and allowing newcomers to catch up with the series for free.  Well worth checking out for some fast paced and fun sci-fi FPS action.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On:  Windows

Note: You may require DOSBox to run some of the games – more info here

Download The Tribes Back Catalogue Here

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