Entrepreneur Extreme – Downloadable Game

Entrepreneur Extreme is a brutally tough boss-rush top-down arcade shooter where you blast your way to the top of the food-chain as you take down the 10 most powerful entrepreneurs in the world.

In Entrepreneur Extreme you step into the shoes of a lowly little robot who lives in a future where all the powerful C.E.O.s of today have been turned into robots. Now the only way to climb your way up the corporate ladder is to grab a weapon and take down those rich robots one by one, in increasingly ridiculous boss fights.

As you ascend the corporate ladder you battle the likes of Walt Disney, Bill gates, Donald Trump and The Devil. Each of the bosses has their own humorous special moves (such as Bill Gates’ Clippy and blue screen of death attacks), and they all have more challenging second stages that you enter halfway through their battle. Beating a boss allows you to unlock a new weapon and to upgrade your stats a little, giving you a better chance of defeating the next one.

It’s a lot of fun and offers a real challenge as you blast your way through the list of increasingly nefarious entrepreneurs. The only issue is that it has no control pad support and playing with the WASD controls feels slightly awkward (especially as you’re hammering the Shift button to dash so often). Aside from that it’s a real joy riddling those pesky C.E.O.s with bullets!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Shoot, RMB – Alt Fire, Shift – Dash, Spacebar – Block

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Entrepreneur Extreme Here

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