Episode 666 – Downloadable Game

Episode 666 is a fun little urban exploration horror game where a YouTube ghost hunter gets more than he bargains for as he explores an old school.

Created by Wreck Tangle Games (creator of Quintus and the Absent Truth), Episode 666 is a short first person horror game about a ghost hunter who’s filming his 666th episode. For this special episode he’s returning to his old school, which is now abandoned and claims there were spooky occurrences when he went there. He turns up with his filming equipment looking for ghosts, but you should always be careful what you wish for!

It’s a simple little horror game with a fun premise and great voice acting that does a nice job of parodying YouTube ghost hunters while still being satisfyingly spooky. The ending is a bit generic, but there are some great little scares throughout. A special spooky episode well worth tuning in for!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Episode 666 Here

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