Epolevne – Browser Game

Epolevne is a fun little top-down puzzle platformer where you really need to plan your routes through each level as you deal with switches, moving blocks and disintegrating blocks.

Created by Kultisti (creator of Nullcat) in just 72 hours, Epolevne is a small, but well formed puzzle platformer where planning is just as important as precision. In most of the levels you need to activate all the switches then make your way through the exit. However, to do so you need to navigate moving blocks and disintegrating blocks (and disintegrating moving blocks).

It’s a fairly simple concept that impresses with its high level of polish and inventive puzzle design. You’re unlikely to be stuck on any of the levels for too long, but the levels do make you think creatively and they get much trickier towards the end.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play or Download Epolevne Here

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