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E’s Laf is a stylish 2D Anime style fighting game with fast paced and easily accessible combat, twelve playable characters and lots of crazy special moves.

Indie fighting games can be a bit hit and miss, but E’s Laf is a very impressive fighter with high quality animation, a diverse roster of characters and easily accessible combat. It features a nice selection of stages, twelve playable characters, local multiplayer, an arcade mode and even online play.

It’s a great little fighting game with fluid combat and a quality of animation that’s reminiscent of the Guilty Gear games. E’s Laf was originally released in 2015, but the developer has been working on a sequel (E’s Laf++) and has released a demo build that you can download here or you can support the dev on Patreon for access to newer development builds.

Note: You can use an Xbox Controller, but you need to run the Config.exe to set the action buttons (it’s in Japanese but you can work it out quite easily)

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Q/W/E/D – Attack, Space – Start

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download E’s Laf Here

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