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ESC Game Download

ESC is a challenging little game in which you attempt to protect a little Escape key from being attacked by the rest of the keys on a keyboard, with you pressing the corresponding key on your keyboard to smash them!

The gameplay is simple in ESC, but challenging and very addictive. You move your little Escape key around with the Arrow Keys and attempt to avoid the other keys that are chasing you. Each key that chases you has a letter on top of it and if you press the corresponding key on your keyboard then a giant finger will descend from the heavens and smash that key. Your aim is to run away and smash those keys for as long as possible, because if they catch you they’ll press you and it’ll be game over!

It’s a fun little game with a charming visual aesthetic and frantic button pressing gameplay. Show those keys who’s boss!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, The Rest of the Keyboard – Smash Keys

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download ESC Here

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