Escape From Twump Tower – Browser Game

Twump Tower

Escape From Twump Tower is a fun pixel art platformer in which you help President Twump climb the tower and collecting his cash before the angry mobs come.

It’s the year 202X and after a successful re-election campaign, President Twump fires the entire population of the USA on a whim.   Enraged mobs start to form, baying for blood, so Twump must gather his fortune and escape via his rooftop chopper.

To get to the top is pretty easy, but you’ll need to work hard to gather all your money, and if you beat the devs score, he’ll pixelate you and put you in the tower!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  X – Jump,  C + Down – Lift Objects,  C – Throw

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Escape From Twump Tower Here

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