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Essence exe game

Essence.exe is a very creepy and rage inducing platformer in which you play a haunted Super Mario Bros hack that’s packed full of glitches, infuriatingly tough level design, secret messages and blue screens of death that hint of a darkness hidden within the games code.

Essence.exe is a broken game, and deliberately so. A Friend of yours gave you a copy of it before mysteriously disappearing 2 days ago. It came accompanied by some mysterious .txt files filled with obscure writings and cryptic warnings. Do you really want to play this game?

When you first boot up Essence.exe it looks like a fairly typical Mario Bros clone, but it soon becomes clear this is FAR from a typical cheery outing for the moustached plumber. This isn’t the vibrant and joyful Mushroom Kingdom we all know and love – something’s wrong, somethings corrupted. Aside from the wide array of graphical glitches, the enemies are tougher, power-up mushrooms are lethal, there’s blood, the audio is weird and blue screens of death pop up intermittently without even having the decency to pause the game for you while they obscure your view. These blue screens of death will also offer occasional hints as to what is really going in in the corrupted ROM you’re playing.

As well as being creepy and unnerving, the vast amount of glitches make for some ridiculously hard gameplay, often infuriatingly so. Things are fairly easy above ground, but as soon as you travel down a pipe you’re really in for a world of hurt. You’re often swarmed by masses of deadly mushroom power-ups which have a slight randomness to their movement that can often make your chances of escape truly impossible.

No matter how unfair and glitch-ridden Essence.exe is though, you won’t want to put it down, as there’s something there…. something beneath the surface, that’s either trying to escape or to be put out of its misery. It has a very sinister atmosphere that feels strangely reminiscent of the creepy video in The Ring. A strange experience whit a real sense of danger – as it feels like whatever force has corrupted the code of the game could also end up corrupting you…

Controls: WASD – Movement, Shift – Run (When it Works!)

Available On: Windows

Note: For added effect we recommend reading the .txt files that come with the download, we’d also recommend watching this video carefully to uncover some hidden clues.

Download Essence.exe Here

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