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Eternum is a wonderful retro platformer in which you play Sir Arthur (from Ghosts’ n Goblins), with fast, fun arcade gameplay, charming retro pixel art, and an authentic recreation the 80’s arcade CRT experience.

You control Sir Arthur from the Ghosts’ n Goblins series, who has grown old and lost everything he loved, so has set out in search of adventure and five magical orbs that can grant him eternal youth.  Inspired by arcade classics such as Bomb Jack, Baluba-louk Densetsu, Psychic 5 and of course Ghosts’ n Goblins, it’s an addictive game that sees you going from level to level slaying enemies and collecting treasure.  You must collect all the treasure from the level and escape via the portal to succeed.

Gameplay takes place over 25 levels, with each level hiding a secret bonus for you to find, with boss fights and special levels to spice up proceedings.  It’s a fun game, with challenging retro platforming gameplay, authentic looking 80’s arcade visuals and an excellent soundtrack.  A perfect homage to the golden age of arcade gaming.  Sir Arthur would be proud.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  A – Fire, S – jump (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On: Window Only

Note:  The game takes about 30 seconds to load – it may look like it’s crashed at the ‘extracting game data’ screen, but it’s just loading so please be patient!

Download Eternum Here

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