Ever Forward: Prologue – Download Game

Ever Forward: Prologue is a beautiful narrative-driven stealth puzzle adventure where you venture through a strange world between reality and imagination as you help a young girl unravel the mysteries of her subconscious.

A prequel to the upcoming Ever Forward game, Ever Forward: Prologue is a standalone adventure that takes around an hour to play through and sees you solving puzzles and reliving a 12 year old girl’s childhood memories. It features exploration elements, a touching narrative told through beautiful cut-scenes and eight unique puzzles that require a mix of stealth and logic to solve.

It’s a great little game that feels a little like a Team Ico experience, with a visually striking art style, superb animation, cleverly crafted puzzles and a heartfelt narrative. Your character has a fairly limited skill-set, but the game does a great job of building puzzles around them. A creative, cerebral and visually stunning little adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Keyboard of Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download The Ever Forward Prologue Here

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