Everlast – Downloadable Game

Everlast is a short and darkly humorous FMV adventure where you find yourself uploaded to a digital afterlife.

Welcome to Everlast! An advanced computer network that your consciousness is currently being uploaded to. You’re only 25% uploaded so far, but even still, you can get your initiation over with. Being dead is a confusing experience, but thankfully you’re greeted by a welcomer who guides you through it. It seems that the digital afterlife is a vast place filled with opportunities, but your satisfaction may be dependent on your membership level!

Taking around ten minutes to play through, Everlast feels fondly like an interactive Black Mirror episode, giving you a dark glimpse of a corporate-sponsored digital afterlife. It’s cleverly written and puts your character through some pretty dark moments as they learn about the afterlife. The AI avatars are also remarkably realistic and do a good job of conveying the sterility of the world of Everlast. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Everlast Here

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