Every Day The Same Dream – Browser Game

Every Day The Same Dream

Every Day The Same Dream is a short, strange and stylish interactive narrative about a white collar worker who’s trapped within the same routine day after day – and the only way out is to find five ways of altering your daily routine.

Every day you wake up, get changed say hi to your wife then head into work. The drudgery of this day repeating over and over again can be a little depressing, so if you find a few ways to alter it then it might spice things up again (in fact the woman you speak to in the lift states that it’ll make you a new man). The ways you can alter your day may not be immediately apparent on your first playthorough (or even your second and third), but it’s possible to escape your dull daily routine in a variety of ways – from wearing no clothes to work or stroking a cow!

‘Fun’ might not be the correct term to describe Every Day The Same Dream, but it’s certainly an intertesting experience that throws up a few great surprises. Well worth checking out to break up your daily routine!

Controls: Arrow Keys: Movement, Spacebar – Interact

Available On: All Browsers

Play Every Day The Same Dream Here

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