Every Wall – Browser Game

Every Wall is a charming little poetic puzzle puzzle platforming adventure about a kid who is desperate to grow up and walk on the ceiling.

Developed by Stuffed Wombat (creator of Everything Else) that tells a fun little rhyming tale of a child growing up as you make your way through its single-screen levels. You have an ability to walk on walls (but not on ceilings), which actually switches your center of gravity towards the wall rather than you actually sticking to it like Spider-Man. You need to use this ability to solve each level, with you travelling the world and growing up in the process.

Taking around 5 minutes to play through, Every Wall is a delightful little game with a great minimalist visual style, fun gameplay and a meaningful message. Sure, you may be able to do more when you’re grown up, but life is a lot less fun!

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On: Windows

Play Every Wall Here

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