Evil Dead – Downloadable Game

Evil Dead is an excellent OpenBOR powered Evil Dead fan game which sees Ash kicking Deadite ass across 10 groovy side-scrolling beat ‘em up levels.

Created by Thatcher Productions (creator of the Kill Bill and Simpsons Treehouse of Horror fan games), Evil Dead is a fantastic Evil Dead fan game that reimagines Ash’s adventures as a retro side-scrolling arcade beat ‘em up. It seems the Deadites have kidnapped Ash’s girlfriend and now he’ll need to grab his boomstick and chainsaw, and kick ass across ten levels inspired by locations from the Evil Dead movies.

Some of the enemies have an art style that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the game, but on the whole it’s a very impressive slice of old school arcade action. It has cut-scenes, a nice variety of enemies to dispatch and plenty of fan service. The combat is also a lot of fun and doesn’t get stale, thanks largely to you unlocking new moves at the end of most levels. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad (Rebindable)

Available on: Windows

Download Evil Dead Here

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