Experiment 4510 – Download Game

Experiment 4510 is an unsettling little five minute horror game where you participate in a mandatory experiment that tests your platforming skills under different adverse conditions.

Created for the Knitweave Jam 3, Experiment 4510 sees you playing a simple little platformer while being subjected to different adverse stimuli. The game sees you collecting units that drop on platforms and using them to purchase incremental clicker style upgrades. You are clearly doing the experiment under extreme duress, and as you play things get MUCH worse for you, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your sacrifices are being used to build a better world!

Experiment 4510 is a great example of a simple idea executed very well. The minimalistic pixel art visuals work well, the concept is very unsettling and the audio design is superb (headphone recommended). It’s still unconfirmed if this is how Nintendo playtests its new Mario games though!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Space – Jump, Mouse – Buy Upgrades

Available On: Windows

Download Experiment 4510 Here

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