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Exposure game

Exposure is a very stylish, surreal and creepy first person psychological horror game, played entirely via the viewpoint of a portable video camera, in which you play a person who is spending their first night in their new apartment – an apartment with some very dark secrets.

In Exposure you’ve just moved into your apartment and have been unpacking your stuff, but you notice there’s a locked door that you can’t get into. Maybe there’s a key lying around somewhere, that you’ll be able to use….

As with any self respecting horror story, there’s a reason that door is locked, and once you open it, things get a whole lot stranger and a whole lot scarier. It’s an incredibly intense experience, thanks mainly due to the grainy black and white VHS-style visuals and the foreboding audio score. The deeper you delve into the mysterious room, the more claustrophobic and dread-filled the game becomes, with one moment in particular that will make you scream with terror. Tense and terrifying stuff.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, Spacebar – Camera Flash

WARNING: Contains flashing lights

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Exposure Here

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