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Extreme Piloting is what you get if an airforce spends all it’s money on weapons and forgot about the engines – chaotic Luftrousers inspired dogfights in which you propel yourself entirely with the recoil of the weaponry.

Gameplay in Extreme Piloting is similar to Luftrousers, but you have no means of engine based propulsion whatsoever.  You do however, have plenty of high powered weaponry that you can use to blast your enemies and propel yourself through the air with their recoil.

You have three different fire types available, Heavy, Medium and Light, each with varying spreads of bullets, power and recoil.  You must use these to keep yourself up in the air and blast your opponents, taking care not to bounce off the edges of the screen (or it temporarily disables your firepower).

Gameplay is tough initially, but once you get to grips with the control scheme, you’ll be capable of some awesome feats of extreme piloting, blasting your way around the screen in a ballet of bullets.  With firepower like this, who needs engines?

Controls:  Left & Right Arrows – Rotate,  Up & Down Arrows – Select Heavy or Light Weaponry,   Spacebar – Fire

Available On:  Unity Supported Browsers, Windows, Mac & linux

Play or Download Extreme Piloting Here

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