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Eyes of the Killer is a delightfully weird and surreal hand animated cartoon horror adventure which follows a disgruntled theater actor as she investigates her on-stage character’s murder!

The fourth instalment of the fantastic “of the Killer” series, Eyes of the Killer follows the adventure of B.B. as she tries her hand at treading the boards at their local theater. She’s only got a small part, which consists of her saying one line and then dying, but her script doesn’t give her any more information about how she dies or who kills her. B.B. soon sets out on a short and incredibly bizarre adventure as she attempts to solve the case of her character’s murder.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, you don’t need to have played the previous games to enjoy Eyes of the Killer, as it works well as a standalone adventure. It’s one hell of a ride, with vibrant hand drawn visuals, witty dialogue and plenty of bizarre twists and surprises. As with the rest of the games, it’s worth playing through a couple of times because there’s a lot going on and it can take a little while to wrap your head around the weirdness of it all. B.B. is a delight as ever and it’s a joy to spend some more time in her crazy cartoony world.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Return – Interact

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Eyes of the killer Here

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