Face Down – Downloadable Game

Face Down is a macabre little narrative-driven card game where you play an unfair game against a mysterious stranger who wants to steal your face.

Created for the Indie Spain Jam, Face Down sees you sitting across the table from a mysterious monster who has stolen your wife’s face. To win your wife’s face back you’ll need to beat the monster in a game of cards, but the rules become increasingly complex and unfair as you play.

The core gameplay of Face Down is simple – you just need to lay a higher card than your opponent lays to captive their card. The value of the captured cards are added to your total, with the winner being the first to reach 100. There are also special cards that have useful abilities when you use them and new rules are introduced intermittently that grant your rival five points if you break them.

It’s a great little game that does a good job of unravelling its dark narrative as you play. The mysterious stranger is particularly creepy and just gets more creepier the more you get to know him!

Controls: Mouse – Point and Click

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Face Down Here

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