FACES – Downloadable Game


FACES is a stunning virtual art gallery in which you can walk around and experience the artworks created by Carlos Monteiro between 2009 and 2013, all focused on expressive faces which communicate strong personalities.

The virtual art gallery is built in a way that shows off Carlos Monteiro’s striking artwork perfectly, grouped into different rooms, different art styles and different painting techniques. The fidelity of the artworks is fantastic and the overall experience feels very much like a real art museum, with all the atmosphere but with no other visitors to get in the way or irritate you.

Each piece of art in FACES would be worthy of hanging in any gallery, but seeing them all perfectly laid out in a virtual art gallery is a fantastic experience that we’d love to see more of.  Sure, the physical versions may still be preferable to many, but virtual exhibitions present a great opportunity for artists to get their artworks seen and for the public to experience it in an easily accessible environment.  For those even a little interested in fine art, FACES is a must play.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Look

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download FACES Here

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