Fairy Song – Download Game

Fairy Song Game Download

Fairy Song is a charming and super chilled out adventure in which you play a little pudgy fairy who flies freely around the world, discovering secrets, solving puzzles and meeting quirky characters.

There’s little in the way of hand holding of guidance in Fairy Song, you’re simply left in a large open world which you can explore at your own pace, unearthing its many secrets. There are some puzzles to solve, which require a little experimentation and an overarching objective of finding all the world’s happy inhabitants and activating the floating doorways, but on the whole it’s just a very pleasant place to chill out fly around in.

We highly recommend entering into cheery little world of Fairy Song. It’s a magical place, packed full of wonder and beautiful pixel art that makes discovering its many secrets an absolute delight.

Controls: Mouse – Aim & Click to Move, Hold LMB – Carry Items

Available On: Windows

Download Fairy Song Here

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