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FALLEN, FALLEn is a surreal first person experience where you climb the Tower of Babel in a glitchy Vaporwave-esque cyberspace.

More of an audio/visual experience than a game, FALLEN, FALLEn sees you exploring a strange glitchy landscape and climbing the Tower of Babel twice. The first time you climb the tower, you are presented with quotes from the bible about the tower and how it was built. The second time you ascend you are presented with an interpretation of how the story of The Tower of Babel relates to our own lives, with things getting a little darker and more twisted as you ascend.

The visual style and the religious context may not be for everyone, but climbing FALLEN, FALLEn’s tower is quite an experience. The audio design is very intense and combines with the glitchy high contrast retro visuals to create a very unsettling and foreboding experience that really gets under your skin. A strange, surreal and slightly sinister climb well worth taking.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – look

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download FALLEN, FALLEn Here

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