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Famaze is a charming little 2D roguelike that sees you exploring procedurally generated mazes viewed from above, whilst simultaneously viewing your actions and combat in close up from a side on view.

The ‘2 views at the same time’ concept sounds strange, but it’s very easy to pick up and play once you realise all of your directional input relates to the overhead view.  You choose between a Knight, Thief and Wizard then set forth into the procedurally generated dungeons, battling all manner of evil monsters, gaining XP and loot.

It’s an addictive and light-hearted roguelike romp, with charming pixel art animation, an excellent soundtrack and a silly story about searching for a recipe for the perfect rutabaga pudding.  Whether you’ll ever find that recipe is debatable, but you’ll certainly have fun trying!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Action,  1 & 2 – Use Items

Available On: Windows Only

Download Famaze, Free Via Steam Here

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