Family Dinner Every Evening – Downloadable Game

Family Dinner Every Evening is an incredibly dark and unsettling little visual novel that tells the story of an adolescent who cares for his family in a world where the air is toxic and most of the human race are dead.

In Family Dinner Every Evening you follow the story of an adolescent who sits down for dinner with his family each evening in a world filled with death. Your family doesn’t leave the house (for reasons that become apparent), so you need to scavenge and survive for them. You won’t be able to keep it up forever though and it’s REALLY not very healthy for you (mentally or physically) anyway.

There are no choices to make in Family Dinner Every Evening, so it is very much a case of clicking through the scenes, but the artwork is excellent and it tells one hell of an impactful story. It’s really not for the squeamish as things get pretty stomach churning the more you learn about your family. Family meals don’t get much more unsettling than this!

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Family Dinner Every Evening Here

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