Fear Me: The Silent – Downloadable Game

Fear Me: The Silent is a surreal and quirky horror visual novel adventure about a kid who had visions that foretell his family’s doom.

A sequel/spin-off of to Fear Me, Fear Me: The Silent is a very weird and beautifully crafted visual novel horror adventure where you attempt to save your family from their impending deaths. In the game you’re a kid who has strange visions in his sleep of a child in a mask who warns of your impending doom. You then attempt to try and save your family as a series of incredibly bizarre and horrifying events occur to them, with your choices having a dramatic effect on how the story plays out.

It’s a very unique take on the visual novel genre that feels like you’re playing through a surreal nightmare where anything could happen. The visual design is particularly impressive, with some excellent artwork and animation, and there are multiple (very different) endings to discover. See if your poor family can survive in any of them!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available One: Windows

Download Fear Me: The Silent Here

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