Feature Creep – Browser Game

Feature Creep is a funny little video game parody in which the game continually adds more and more (often unnecessary) features with a hope of making the game better.

In Feature Creep you start the game with a blank screen that serves as a blank canvas for the narrator/developer to build upon. You chat to the narrator and are given a few pseudo-choices, then the narrator starts to build the game, adding features such as a character, enemies and a game world. The problem is, the narrator doesn’t know when to stop adding features, and continues to add more and more useless stuff throughout the course of the game.

Due to the deliberately inane nature of gameplay it’s hard to call Feature Creep ‘fun’, but it’s certainly funny. It’s a great bit of fourth wall breaking gaming that demonstrates how more doesn’t necessarily mean better in game design.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Q – Sword, LMB – Arrows, Spacebar – Use Spell, E – Punch, 1-0 – Change Spell, Shift – Sprint, F – Dash

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play Feature Creep Here

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