Fetch Quest – Browser Game

Fetch Quest is a charming, creepy and challenging pixel art platforming adventure which follows a brave little doggie (and it’s ball) as it goes in search of its missing master.

With pixel art animation by the excellent Lumpy Touch, programming by jf1x and music from Larner, Fetch Quest is a fast paced little puzzle platforming adventure about a dog, a ball, a missing master and a creepy tower. While playing fetch with your master in the park you return with the ball to find that he is missing. A little exploration reveals that he appears to be locked away in a tall tower, so it’s up to you (and your ball) to rescue him.

Making your way through to the top of the tower requires a mixture of precision platforming and puzzle solving and you always have to be wary of the ball that you carry in your mouth. It comes in handy for activating switches, but if you need to bark (to scare the cultists) then you need to drop it – and you had better put it somewhere safe as balls have a tendency to roll!

There are two ways to play through, Fetch Quest – the normal single jump mode and the easier double jump mode (each of which presents you with a different ending). It’s a well crafted little platformer with excellent pixel art animation, tight controls and great level design. It’s one of the few platformers that you may be best off playing with a keyboard instead of a control pad though as it’s very easy to accidentally press down on the d-pad and drop your ball. Aside from that small niggle, it’s an excellent game, see if you can conquer the tower and rescue your best friend!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z- Jump, X – Bark, S+Up – Double Jump Mode

Available On: Windows

Download or Play Fetch Quest Here

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