Feudal Wars – Browser Game

Feudal Wars is an easily accessible 1v1 browser based medieval real time strategy game that sees you amassing an army and conquering castles.

In Feudal Wars players choose from one of six different kingdoms (England, France, Teutonic Order, Castile, Venice and the Holy Roman Empire) then face off in real-time 1v1 battles. Each map contains castles which can be captured, giving you more money and troops. You can also build and upgrade barracks, archery ranges and stables which produce different types of units to use in battle. If you save up enough you can also build your own castles and to defend your castles you can build walls and guard towers.

Feudal Wars streamlines a lot of the micromanagement buy avoiding having to gather resources (castles generate gold) and buying units (buildings automatically generate units), so you can focus on the fun stuff – assembling your troops and conquering castles! It’s an addictive game, with high quality isometric visuals and surprisingly deep strategic gameplay. Well worth checking out for some browser based RTS fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Feudal Wars Here

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