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fewar-dvd is an unsettling and claustrophobic mouse controlled arcade game where you rush around randomized levels to find a key and reach the exit, while avoiding the increasingly aggressive swords that line the walls.

Created by dev_dwarf (creator of the excellent Lianthus) fewar-dvd is a very dark and intense high-score chasing arcade game where the whole level is out to kill you. You control a little serpentine creature with the mouse and must collect the key (and optional treasure) on each level before unlocking the exit and escaping. However, the walls are all made up of swords they reach out for you as you go near them. The longer you spend on a level, the more aggressive the swords get and it’s not long before they start throwing themselves at you. You need to be fast, but you also need to be careful – if you get hit four times in one level then it’s game over.

fewar-dvd has a great visual style and the gameplay is very addictive. It’s an intense experience that makes you feel extremely confined and vulnerable as you dash around the sword-lined levels. See how long you can survive!

Controls: Mouse – Movement, LMB – Dash

Available On: Windows

Download fewar-dvd Here

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