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Final Fight Revival of Rage is a fan made sequel to Final Fight that incorporates lots of Street Fighter Alpha characters and artwork as three vigilantes set out to clean up the streets of Metro City for good.

Although it’s called “Final Fight Revival of Rage”, a more suitable name for it would perhaps be “Street Fighter Alpha The Beat ‘Em Up”. This is mainly because Hagar has been replaced with Zangief, the majority of the characters are reskinned version of the Street Fighter Alpha versions and the majority of the boss fights are against Street Fighter Alpha characters. That’s not a bad thing though (quite the opposite), the art style works well in a beat ‘em up and it’s great to go toe-to-toe with some familiar faces.

The combat is fairly simple but fast paced and fun and there are some cool super moves that you can pull off by using combinations of D,U, Special and D, F, Special. It doesn’t really reinvent the beat ‘em up genre, but Final Fight Revival of Rage gives it a beautifully animated Street Fighter Alpha styled fresh lick of paint. Well worth checking out for a some old school beat ‘em up action with lots of familiar faces.

Controls: Keyboard & Controller (Mappable)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Final Fight Revival of Rage Here

2 thoughts on “Final Fight Revival of Rage – Download Game”

  1. Looks very nice & polished on the surface but this is a massively unbalanced game. Bosses given insane amount of health & hit priorities way above yours. Running attack almost useless as it is always easily countered & cancelled out by enemies. Some non boss enemies overpowered as well with insanely high hit priorities & speed that makes your player characters look slow & clumsy.

  2. The artwork is the best part of this game. probably the best spritework you will ever see in a OpenBOR Beat ‘Em Up. Its not perfect though. Becomes a Knockdown fest soon as one enemy manages to topple you. Could use a better combo system and reworking of special moves. Also I’d love to have “Nasty Lucia” as playable character. As soon as you lay eyes on here, you’ll know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    If you’re looking for more great OpenBOR BeatEmUp’s, I recommend ‘Final Fight LNS Ultimate 3’ and ‘World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra’

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