Fire – Browser Game

Fire is an addictive settlement building incremental RPG game where you build a town, spread your light and vanquish evil.

Drawing inspiration from A Dark Room, Fire starts out with you sat around a small fire and quickly expands into a much larger game, with town building and RPG elements. The buildings you add to your town help you gather resources, but they also spread the light to allow you to see new areas on the surrounding map. You can then send adventurers to these places to complete quests and gather loot, with an aim of purging the evil from the land.

It’s a great little incremental game that doesn’t suck up too much of your time and has some great little touches throughout. It feels very much like an accompanying piece to A Dark Room, delivering a more visual representation of your adventures in it.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Fire Here

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