Firewing 64 – Downloadable Game

Firewing 64 game

Firewing 64 is a charming homage to Nintendo 64 era 3D open world platforming in which you help an adorable little dragon gather all the fragments of a powerful peace crystal that brings harmony to his world.

Anyone who’s ever played Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64 or Spyro The Dragon will feel immediately at home with Firewing 64. You explore it’s bright and colourful world, collecting coins, bashing baddies and discovering secrets, all while accompanied by a super cheery N64-era soundtrack.

Taking around an hour or so to complete, Firewing 64 features one vast open world, packed with secrets and nice surprises. As you can expect from the creator of, it’s a game that wears it’s influences like a badge of honour – with nods to N64-era platforming peppered throughout – there’s even a Mario Kart-style racetrack hidden in there which you can race on!

From start to finish Firewing 64 is a joyful, surprising and nostalgic experience that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day – especially if you’re getting fed up of waiting for Yooka-Laylee to come out!

Controls: Keyboard & Mouse or Controller

Available On: Windows Only

Note: To access the kart track you’ll have to find the lever to open the gates – if you look closely you can see it’s location in the trailer.

Download Firewing 64 Here

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