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first person lover game

First Person Lover is a ridiculously fun FPS created as an adevertisement for the Björn Borg clothing brand, where you shoot haters with your love guns, then liberate them – turning them into carefree partygoers with cool threads.

Starting off by just blowing kisses, but soon working your way up to a full arsenal of love guns, your secret agent must shut down ‘hate harvesters’ and neutralise all the haters they have created.  Haters are dressed in drab suits, and are generally rather angry individuals who charge at you and beat you up.  To neutralise them, just shoot them with your love guns, removing all their clothes in the process.  Once neutralised you simply walk up to them and ‘liberate’ them – turning them into fashionably dressed partygoers.

To say First Person Lover is silly is a bit of an understatement, but it’s also a fantastically fun work of genius.  Running through the streets shooting people with love is far more satisfying than shooting them with bullets.  Highly recommended.  Good luck, may the love be with you!


WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Look,   LMB – Spread the Love,   E – Liberate

Available on: Windows, Mac & Unity Supported Browser (Download Recommended)

Download or Play First Person Lover Here

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