Fish Fly – Downloadable Game

fish fly

Fish Fly is a super-cute two button shoot-em-up in which you swim around plankton-filled waters shooting them with the jetstream of bubbles coming from your tail, then collecting them and offering them to the sea lords.

Playable in one or two player modes, it’s a tricky game that requires some clever manoeuvring to blast and collect your prey.  To spice up the action Fish Fly also incorporates a variety of cool power-ups, such as guided projectiles or making you gigantic.  Odd, simple and very addictive, Fish Fly impresses with it’s colourful visual design, fun audio and chaotic gameplay.  An adorable and addictive cute-em-up, full of fishy fun.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download Fish Fly Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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