Fitz Packerton – Downloadable Game

Fitz Packerton

Fitz Packerton is a fun and surprising little game that tells a story via the medium of packing things into different spaces.

Be warned, the following review contains spoilers – we’d recommend playing the game before reading on.  Fitz Packerton starts off innocently enough – with you packing some walkie talkies, Wario and Waluigi masks, water bottles and what look like batteries (though on reflection they’re certainly not batteries) into your backpack.  Maybe you’re a child that’s going around to a friends house to play?  It’s only when you reach the second scene that you figure something untoward is going on, as you load shotguns and duffle-bags into a vehicle.  Soon it becomes apparent you’re a bank robber, and that your partner in crime (Wario) died during the robbery (hence you disposing of his body in the final scene).

Taking just a few minutes to complete, it’s amazing the amount of narrative that the devs of Fitz Packerton have managed to pack into it’s short, wordless playtime.  RIP Wario, you will be missed….

Controls:  WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look,  LMB – Pick Up Item

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here (Spoilers)

Download Fitz Packerton Here (Pay What You Want or FreE)

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