Fix-it-Felix Jr. – Downloadable Game


Fix-it-Felix Jr. is a perfect reconstruction of the Donkey Kong inspired game from Pixars Wreck-It-Ralph, complete with MAME-style start-up screen, power-ups and exact recreations of the start and ending animations.

Gameplay is simple but fun, as any retro game should be, with you controlling Felix as he repairs all the windows in a tower block and the Donkey Kong-esque Ralph hurls bricks down from above.  Complete 2 screens and you’ll complete the stage, being treated to a fun winning animation and going onto the next level (which is the same level, but slightly trickier).  It’s a great homage to Wreck-It-Ralph and a perfect little retro game in it’s own right.  Play-It-Ralph!


C – Insert Coin,  1/2 – Start 1 or 2 Player Game,  Arrow Keys – Movement,  X – Fix-It!

Available On: Windows

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

1 thought on “Fix-it-Felix Jr. – Downloadable Game”

  1. Actually, the Wreck-It Ralph movie is not from Pixar, but rather Disney Animation (Tangled, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, The Lion King). The Disney corporation owns Pixar, but it’s still a separate studio as before, and Disney Animation is still around, too; furthermore, these two studios actually do not collaborate despite having the same owner.

    Anyway, this game, although it runs directly on Windows, is meant to look exactly like 8-bit arcade games of the 1980s. All of that initialization stuff you see (fake in the case of Fix-It Felix Jr.) isn’t a MAME thing–MAME is simply showing you what the actual games looked like when starting up back then, which not everyone saw. MAME is running the actual vintage game code, so the initialization is real for those games, albeit on emulated rather than real arcade hardware. For a time, Fix-It Felix Jr. was made available for free play at Disney theme parks in cabinets that look just like arcade cabinets, although internally it was running on Windows PCs.

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