Fleeing The Complex – Browser Game

fleeing the complex

Fleeing The Complex is the latest exciting episode in the popular Henry Stickmin mini-series – humorous and well animated adventures where there are a few ways to succeed and many funny (and painful) ways to die.

It this adventure Henry finds himself locked up in a high security jail and must find a way to escape by choosing from a selection of unlikely actions and seeing how they play out.  Throughout it’s short playtime you’ll use some very strange escape methods and die many times.  Depending on your decisions there are branching pathways and multiuple endings, so there’s plenty of replayability as you seek out every ending and every silly way to die.  There are lots of great video game references and in-jokes there too – such as using a Mario Kart pick-up, using Sonic’s speed shoes or running into Freddy Fazbear.

Henry Stickmins escape attempts may fail more times than succed, but the jokes always land perfectly in this superbly silly stickman adventure.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

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Play Fleeing the Complex Here

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