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FLESH FEAST is a fun little Carrion-esque reverse horror action platformer where you control a big red blob that absorbs the flesh of its victims to help sustain itself.

The premise of FLESH FEAST is a little similar to Carrion, with you controlling an amorphous creature that absorbs its enemies, but the actual gameplay is quite different and has a lot more in common with The Blob. You control your character with the mouse, using it to aim in a direction and pressing the left mouse button to make it jump. Each time you touch a new surface or are hit by an enemy projectile then you lose some of your health, so you have to be careful with your movements, but you can also replenish your health by consuming enemies.

Taking around 5 to 10 minutes to play through, FLESH FEAST is a very short game, but it offers up a nice amount of challenge and it’s a lot of fun. The soundtrack rocks, the pixel art animation is excellent and there’s a real joy in sneaking around and absorbing the little men.

Controls: Mouse – Movement

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download FLESH FEAST Here

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  1. This was a surprisingly enjoyable game, had a few more mechanics than I expected. It plays more like a puzzle game than the free range carnage of Carrion. I feel comparing this game to Carrion would be disingenuous since the differences are glaring while not being negatives. I would enjoy a full fledged game with my blobby bro.

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