Flesh of the Killer – Downloadable Game

Flesh of the Killer is a charming, creepy and delightfully weird little hand drawn adventure where you and your friends break into the forbidden Museum of Moral Art.

Flesh of the killer is the fifth in the series of “…of the Killer” games. They’re standalone adventures so you don’t need to have played any previous installments to enjoy them, but they’re all wholesome, spooky and surreal little stories featuring the exploits of a pink haired girl called B.B..

In Flesh of the Killer B.B. and her pals have broken into a mysterious museum that’s oddly unguarded. Their plan is to document as much of it as possible before getting kicked out, but when they adventure into a wing called the “Museum of Moral Art” things start to get weird and they may end up becoming the art rather than documenting it!

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Flesh of the Killer is another great installment of the “…of the Killer” series. B.B. is as charming and witty as ever, the story takes some wonderfully weird twists and it’s nice to have some of B.B.’s friends along for the ride this time too. Way more fun than you’re legally allowed to have in a museum!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Enter – Progress Text

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Flesh of the Killer Here

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