Flight – Browser Game

Flight game

Flight is an adorable, fun and highly addictive little game in which you help a paper plane with a little girl’s Santa letter reach its destination by flying it all around the world.

Flight starts off with a little girl writing her Santa letter and folding it into a paper airplane. This little paper airplane then has an epic voyage as it’s picked up and thrown by people from all around the world.

In each stage you use the mouse to throw the plane as far as you can, unlocking cool upgrades as you go which really improve your distances and the amount of cash you earn. It’s very addictive, and very well put together, with charming cutscenes and a superb audio score. Will the little girl’s letter reach santa in time? It’s up to you to find out in this festive paper plane flinging adventure!

Controls: Arrow Keys Movement, Mouse – Throw, Spacebar – Boost

Available On: All Browsers

Play Flight Here

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