Floating Point – Steam Download


Floating Point is a wonderfully chilled out grappling hook-based platformer that sees you gracefully swinging from place to place, balancing the effects of gravity and buoyancy as you traverse air and water.

The main gameplay mechanics in are remarkably similar to the ‘ninja rope’ use in Worms.  Simply hook onto something, shorten your line to increase yur speed, and let go at the correct moment.  Once mastered, you’ll create ballet-like dances across the screen, leaving a trail of red ribbon in your wake.

Floating Point is a refreshing break in a world where so many gaming experiences are ‘Aim, Shoot, Kill’.  A relaxing Zen-like experience that soothes with it’s minimalist visuals and chilled-out soundtrack.

Controls:  Mouse – Aim, Left Click – Grapple/Reel in Grapple,  Right Click – Disconnect

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Floating Point Via Steam Here

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