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Floating Sandbox is a realistic ship sinking simulator that allows you to load up 2D versions of real life ships and then damage them in a variety of different ways and watch as they sink and break up.

In Floating Sandbox you can select from a large list of famous ships, including the Titanic, The QE2 and The Poseidon. Once a ship is loaded into the sandbox it will float in the water and you can start to mess with it using an assortment of destructive tools – such as the ability to smash, slice, spin and flood, as well an assortment of bombs (including a particularly OTT antimatter bomb).

Each material the ships are made out of in Floating Sandbox has its own physical properties (mass, strength, stiffness, water permeability, etc.) and the game uses realistic physics and a 2D mass spring network to realistically simulate how each ship will sink when you damage it. Some ships go fast, some go slow, but they all end up at the bottom of the sea eventually.

Sinking ships from fun is a little bit morbid, but it’s a strangely addictive experience seeing how much punishment they can take before they sink and watching the way they sink. A fascinating experience that’ll give you a real sinking feeling.

Controls: WASD – Move Camera, Mouse – Select Tools/Destroy Ship

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Floating Sandbox Here

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